IIIDonwin Marketing Inc.

Manufacturers Agency


We are an experienced aggressive Sales and Marketing organization run out of Sharon Ontario that has been in operation since 2002. We service the STAFDA, Industrial & Safety Markets of Ontario and Quebec, taking brand named products to the end users through distribution.


Our Mission

is to exceed our customers and principals expectations as a premier sales agency in our focused markets.


Guiding Principles

We will service our customers in a timely manner with innovative and productive solutions.

We will continue to add additional quality people to our organization in proportion to our sales growth, enabling us to maintain constant focus on all our lines.

We will stay current to the market, the products we represent and their competitors, constantly providing a valuable resource to our customers and principals.

We will operate with integrity by treating our customers, principals, suppliers and competitors with respect.

We will contribute to our community by using our resources and talents to improve the standards of the communities in which we live and work.


Our Strategy

We will 80/20 everything. (Pareto Principle)

We will implement End-User Marketing through targeted trades.

We will emphasize distributor sales force product training.

We will develop key relationships with 80/20 Users & Distributors.